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Marauders: 'Spoons' II
Click here for Part I
My ears feel oddly warm.
This is the first thought that springs to mind when I wake. The musings that usually cross my mind first thing in the morning are generally rather dull. This is a new one.
I yawn and reach for my wand, intending to cool my ears down with some sort of ice-cubes-popping-out-of-the-the-wand charm. I blindly pat the bedside table to feel for the handle but as I grab it, it slips right out of my hand and falls on the floor. I sigh. I get the feeling today is going to be a bad day.
I swing my legs out of bed and go to pick it back up. But as soon as I transfer my weight to the floor, something under my foot causes me to go flying across the room – one foot grounded and the other mid-air – and bang face-first into the wall. Unfortunately, my nose then slides down the wall and I end up spread-eagled with an up-close view of the Slytherin dormitory
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Marauders: 'Spoons'
“Prongs, would you quit it already? You’re poking me – OW –in the eye.”
“Well, I can’t help it, can I? I’m just trying to get under the cloak, same as you,’ James complains, still groping the air uselessly.
“We’re here!” I whip the Cloak off my head and narrowly evade James’ palm in my face.
“It’s hopeless trying to hide us all under the Invisibility Cloak any more,” says Remus, appearing next to me. “We’re all fat, ugly lumps now, you can see our feet poking out from underneath.”
“Speak for yourself, Moony. ‘Fat’, ‘ugly’ and ‘lump’ are the last words that spring to one’s mind at the thought of me.” I run a hand through my hair. It falls flawlessly back into place. I give James’ resentful expression a toothy grin.
“How are we supposed to walk around without drawing attention to ourselves when we have this thing?” asks Peter, also pop
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United Kingdom
Current Residence: England
Favourite style of art: Any as long as it's pretty ^^
Favourite cartoon character: Forever Friends bears
Personal Quote: "You won't like me when I'm hungry." (I love Ed Norton's Hulk :D)
It's a long, long summer, so I'm taking the opportunity to get back into DA! :dance: I hadn't done anything creative for ages - exam revision made sure of that - but now I have plenty of time to make icons and write fic and all sorts. I missed it!

I'm going through another HP phase after reading Deathly Hallows again. I love that book <3 And I have renewed love for Severus Snape - 'The Prince's Tale' chapter is possibly my favourite of the entire series. My obsession with all things Marauder-era meant that I was always going to love it anyway. XD

I'm considering writing some more of the Marauders fic I started a few years ago... It never really got past the planning/spontaneously-writing-when-inspired stage. Or should I have a go at writing an AU fic with Snape being sorted into Gryffindor...? I love the idea of that. XD I'll do a bit of scribbling and see where I end up. :D
  • Playing: Neopets XD
  • Eating: Chocolate ice cream


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